4 Wheel Alignment

Our 4-wheel alignment machine is a state of the art, high precision Hunter 3D Digital Imaging system.

We chose the system because it is far superior to the out-dated and less accurate laser systems. We have also gone to the expense of having a specialist wheel alignment lift fitted which is wider than standard lifts and enables us to carry out wheel alignment on large 4×4 vehicles such as Audi Q7’s, Range Rovers and even light commercial vehicles.

The system is preloaded with manufacturer alignment specifications and we update the software regularly to make sure that we have the latest specs and new vehicle models. We also have the machine calibrated every 12 months and self calibrate every 3 months in between to ensure its accuracy.

Wheel alignment problems can cause a variety of issues, which if not addressed, can lead to increased costs and decreased driver comfort.


The main symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment are one or more of the following


  • Excessive wear to the inside, outside or both edges of the tyres

  • Feathering to the tread of the tyres

  • Steering wheel out of alignment

  • Poor handling

  • Heavy steering

  • Vibration through the steering wheel

  • Excessive wear to wheel bearings

  • Increased fuel consumption

In many cases the symptoms can be hard to detect and go unnoticed. The above symptoms could, however, be indications of faults that do not relate to alignment.

How much does 4-wheel alignment cost?

That does depend on what needs to be adjusted and what can be adjusted on your particular vehicle.

We will be able to give you a price within around 10 minutes of the vehicle arriving with us – Prices start from just £25 + VAT. If we check the alignment and no adjustments are needed then the price, including 3D report is £19.99.